The West Coast of Florida has been gearing up for the end of Summer Break Nationwide.  Back to school is right around the corner.  I am sure most of you have noticed the influx school supplies in local area retailers and the decreasing amount of everyday summer favorites like suntan lotion and beach towels.  A few months ago Anna Maria Island was gearing up for your families and loved ones to arrive in full force.  So what is there to do on this 7 mile stretch of beautiful beaches with the kids?


With a large portion of our Vacation Rentals occupied by families in these summer months I wanted to give your family some ideas.   It’s hard to remember what excited you when you were 3,4,5 or even 16.  Here is a Blog I read about fun things to do with your growing family at the beach.  Best part about this article, all 35 suggestions are free!  You can’t beat that!  Hope you enjoy this Blog as much as I did.

If you haven’t planned a week or even a weekend getaway before the school year starts, it’s not too late!

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