Anna Maria Annual Rentals

Duncan Real Estate proudly offers Anna Maria annual rentals.

Whether inquiring for a year long rental or looking for annual property management please contact Duncan Real Estate’s Annual Manager Paige Rogers at 513 382 1992 or send her a quick email.
Paige is a member of our dedicated team of real estate professionals and is looking forward to working with you. Please find more information about Paige here.

Anna Maria Annual Rentals For Tenants

Anna Maria Annual Rental AgreementWe require tenant screening and signing of a lease, which serves as the written agreement between a landlord and tenant. It says how the property can be used, for how long, and how much it will cost. A lease agreement also includes other terms and conditions, many guided by state law. A residential lease agreement may include information about:


  • Security deposit amounts and the procedure for their return
  • Penalties for late payments or violation of lease terms and conditions
  • Termination for nonpayment or violation of lease terms and conditions
  • Use limitations, like not allowing the operation of a business on the property
  • Insurance requirements for both landlord and tenant
  • Payment of taxes and other fees associated with the property
  • Landlord and tenant responsibilities in terms of maintenance
  • Number of pets and breeds if allowed
  • Termination, non-renewal, renewal and rent increase/decrease procedures
  • Subleasing abilities
Anna Maria Annual Rentals

Anna Maria Annual Rentals For Home Owners

Anna Maria Annual Rental ManagementDuncan Real Estate takes the hassle out of renting & managing your property by providing all of the accounting, advertising, tenant screening and maintenance for your property. As a reliable and trustworthy property manager we are the point contact for your tenant if any issues arise.

While being a landlord isn’t for everybody, it can be an excellent investment choice to grow your wealth.  Being a landlord is different than being a private homeowner. It’s a business, and you need to treat it like one and an experienced, professional management company is an important partner to achieve your goals.  Duncan Real Estate can also help if you are not sure if your property is better suited as a short term rental or long term rental.

We will provide:

  • Inspection and evaluation of property for maximum income by certified and licensed professionals.
  • Recommend improvements to attract and keep tenants
  • Listing in MLS under “rental properties,” including photographs, floor plans and a virtual tour, if available.
  • Internet exposure via and, the preferred real estate search engine for consumers with links to international and national audiences and web sites.
  • Provide approved Florida leases and documents required by law.
  • Screening of annual tenants through credit, legal and criminal record searches.
  • Access to licensed sales associates via Broker Owner Darcie Duncan of Duncan Real Estate, who can list your property if and when you decide to sell.
  • Access to Duncan Real Estate Realtors who often search for rental opportunities when clients are in the process of buying a rental, primary or vacation rentals on Anna Maria Island, Manatee County, or close-by environs.
  • On-line owner accounts
  • Monthly online statements and accounting for owner review
  • Oversee maintenance when required; oversee renovations between tenants.
  • Provide on-line year-end statements for tax purposes.
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