As important as understanding who the buyer of your home might be in today’s market, it’s also wise to make repairs or improvements that rank high in a buyer’s mind.

According to a study realized by HomeGain, the online real estate marketing provider, there are four areas on which to focus when selling your home. Clean and de-clutter; lighten and brighten; stage and landscape front/back yards and HomeGain estimates you’ll get top ROI (return on investment) for your expense, as much as or more than 578 percent for cleaning and de-cluttering; 340 percent for staging and 451 percent for landscaping. Rounding out this study is a list of the top repairs you’ll want to make too: Repair electrical or plumbing problems, replace or shampoo carpeting; paint interior and exterior walls, repair damaged flooring, and update kitchen and bathrooms. In fact, by spending $5,000 to $8,000 on repairs and improvements, such as these, HomeGain says the return can be as high as a $21,470 increase on the price of a three bedroom, two bath home in the South.

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