Having just become a Certified Distressed Property Expert®, like several of my TeamDuncan Associates who are CDPE’s or about to become CDPE’s, I’d like to advise any and every homeowner out there who thinks they may be facing foreclosure at some point in time, to know that they’ve got allies among our group who hold specific understanding of the complex issues confronting the real estate industry, and the foreclosure avoidance options available to homeowners. Our intensive and comprehensive training means we can provide solutions to those facing hardships in today’s ever-growing short sale market, and lead them through every step of this arduous and long term process

Since the inception of the Distressed Property Institute several years ago, over 10,000 realtors have undergone the Institutes program and become CDPE’s. Lauded and recommended over and over by many industry experts, including bankers, lawyers and many of the largest national real estate companies, these professionals are dedicated to helping homeowners find the best solution for their situations and hold the tools to help address each customer’s needs.

Having worked on distressed property listings and sales for the past several years, I can assuredly say that CDPE training raises the level of professionalism required in these hardship times. CDPE’s don’t merely assist in selling properties; they serve and save clients in need. LOOK FOR THE CDPE LABEL!

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