It is always a good day when we receive a kind word from a guest or a fabulous google review!   Just thought I would share you with what one of our vacation rental guest sent to JP today.  Cheryl is a return guest with Duncan Real Estate which is awesome but had to reschedule her vacation to Anna Maria Island due to the weather.  “Thanks so very much JP for taking the best care of us.  All of you at Duncan Real Estate have outstanding customer service and we appreciate everything each and everyone of you has done for us.  All the best from us to you Cheryl”.  Does it get much better than that?  WAY TO GO TEAM DUNCAN!  To celebrate, Darcie is taking the vacation rental team on a day trip to Busch Gardens in a few weeks…she is the best!  

Not only does this awesome review make me smile ear to ear, it also reminds me to take the few minutes to say kind words to others or to write up a review for service that was outstanding.  Going to put that on my “to do” list this week. Hopefully you will put it on yours too!


Sunny regards,



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