It’s always somewhat amazing how myths become reality. When it comes to real estate discussions, there’s one myth related to summer versus “the season,” namely that sales are much more brisk in winter than they are in summer. Not so, according to MLS data for the last two years.

Take last season, January 1 through March 31: 41 residential properties sold on Anna Maria out of a total of 731 sales in all of Manatee County–fully 13% less than the total number of residential purchases the summer before. A look at the “season” of 2007 shows an even greater discrepancy: 24% less sales compared to those in the summer of 2006. Granted, real estate sales have slowed during the past few years in general, but the truth of the matter is that unit sales are stronger in the summer months than they are in winter—even in Florida!

So far, in the first 10 days of June alone, 65 properties have closed throughout Manatee County. That’s a little piece of evidence that summer sales are heating up. And that’s no reason to be blue.

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