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I have had my party pants on at work over the past few weeks celebration our 15th anniversary and also the owner’s birthday!  “HAPPY ANNIBRTHARY” as we like to say in the office.  LOTS of flowers, balloons, cakes, champagne, phone calls, and fun!   What started as a one room office with one realtor in 2001 has now turned into a full office building on historic Pine Ave with 12 sales agents and 7 office staff!!!  WOW, there is so much to be thankful for!   Here are some photos from our celebration!  Our team found an old advertisement of Darcie’s from when she first started, so we made tons of copies of it and hung them all over her office!  She LOVED it.  It is so great to work in an environment where we work hard but also have so much fun!!  Many thanks to all of our customers that have made this possible!  Ginger 



DarcieDD office door


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