A 2008 survey by the National Association of Realtors conducted on the profile of home buyers and sellers in Florida reveals several characteristics about buyers which sellers and their agents may find useful as they market their homes in these competitive times.

*Because 43% of all purchases were made by first-time buyers, of whom almost half are between 25 and 34 years of age, sellers (and their realtors) would do well to place themselves and their homes on social network sites, like Facebook, used by a vast majority of these buyers on a daily basis. In addition, featuring your home prominently on many web sites, including Realtor.com would be important as 84% of all buyers began their search on the internet.

*The desire to own a home was the primary reason that 60% of first-time buyers gave for their purchase. Among all buyers, 29% felt that improved affordability and increased availability prompted purchases. Sellers would do well to emphasize amenities and affordability in their marketing.

*Of all homes purchased, 25% were new homes with 70% of all purchases being detached, single family homes. The typical buyer purchased a home 15 miles from their previous residence. Sellers of single family homes would do well to market strongly on a very local level.

Great info provided by the NAR, don’t you think?

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