In Florida, we’ve often told sellers to make sure not to miss the winter selling season, since traditionally that’s when our visitors and tourists increase exponentially to fell cold, winter weather. This season, I’m telling buyers not to wait, as they traditionally have, for “the season” to end in the hopes of getting better deals. Current market conditions don’t leave too much room for prices to drop, and likewise, interest rates are lower than ever in the recent past. The only thing Buyers should be concerned with right now is understanding their reasons for buying and then act accordingly.

Buy a home because it’s the right thing for you to do: It’s more affordable than renting; you plan on staying put until it pays off, and it fits your lifestyle and personal goals.

Buy a home once you understand the local market! Get information about neighborhoods from local realtors, local data providers and local media outlets providing regional-specific information on the housing market.

Buy a home once you’ve checked your credit and received a mortgage approval to know how much you can afford so you can negotiate from a position of strength.

Buy like a savvy investor does–low now to sell high later, and remember that the least expensive home in the best community is better than the reverse. And, use your real estate agent to make sure you do get the best deal.

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