Homes sold in Manatee County between February 1 and February 17 of this year traded at about 91.5% of list price.  On the Island, that ratio dropped to 87.5%.  West and Northwest  Bradenton fared three percent better than LWR, where homes sold at about 87% of list price.

If you’re thinking that sales pricing is not all that “low,” based on these figures in our MLS, do take the time to think again.  Consider that in many instances, homes in the County sold for as low as 54% of asking price, and on the Island for as low as 84% of list price.

The point of this discussion is that properties continue to sell well below list price, and because buyers cannot always ascertain a seller’s needs or predicaments, I advise anyone looking to purchase a property these days to make an offer!  You may not always be able to make a half-price purchase, but you will probably stand a good chance of getting better than the average 87-to-91 percent of list to sale price.

Like the well-known slogan goes, JUST DO IT!  It may work out better than expected.

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