“Duncan Deal!  Get 20% off bookings for the months of February and March 2017!”

Buttonwood – monthly booking http://rental.teamduncan.com/rns/property/Buttonwood.aspx

Lakeview – monthly booking http://rental.teamduncan.com/rns/property/Lakeview.aspx

Seas the Day – monthly booking  http://rental.teamduncan.com/rns/property/SeasTheDay.aspx

Whitney Beach – monthly booking http://rental.teamduncan.com/rns/property/Whitney168.aspx


“Duncan Deal!  Get 20% off bookings for the month of February 2017!”

Carissa Retreat – weekly http://rental.teamduncan.com/rns/property/CarissaRetre.aspx

The Oleander House – weekly http://rental.teamduncan.com/rns/property/Oleander.aspx

Seascapes – weekly http://rental.teamduncan.com/rns/property/Seascapes.aspx


“Duncan Deal!  Get 20% off bookings for the month of March 2017!”

Moorings 286 – monthly http://rental.teamduncan.com/rns/property/Moorings286.aspx

Sea Breeze S – weekly http://rental.teamduncan.com/rns/property/SeaBreezeS.aspx

West Bay 26 – monthly http://rental.teamduncan.com/rns/property/WestBay26.aspx

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