August 18, 2014

Superwoman! Wonderwoman!
My wife Judy and I were discussing how the sale of our house was handled by Darcie Duncan, and what we should call her.
We’ve bought 12 houses in our lifetime, that means we’ve sold 11 houses, 23 total real estate transactions. We can honestly say we have never sold a house so quickly before Darcie came into our lives. How does this happen? It happens because Darcie has her finger on the pulse of the business and knows what it takes to be successful at her trade.
Networking, Knowledge of the marketplace, Willingness to go the extra mile to put a transaction together, Instant communication response. These are some of the attributes that we’ve found in our dealings with Darcie.
So, Superwoman-Wonderwoman let’s choose both, but mostly now we call her FRIEND.
DD heaadshot large

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