June 26, 2015

“AMI has always been a great vacation destination.  Latitude Adjustment only improved my experience here.  THE BEST COUCH! Location was fantastic and it felt like home.  Absolutely a recommendation to family and friends!” Colin
exxxt“My week at Latitude Adjustment was so relaxing and beautiful.  The bed slept great.  🙂  Love the screened porch and the light coming into the living areas.  Best meals around AMI”  Ginny
“I had a wonderful time staying on AMI at the Latitude Adjustment.  The screened patio and king sized bed were my favorite amenities.  Loved walking to the bench, fishing off the pier, and strolling over to Dips for ice cream”  Eric
“Love Latitude Adjustment!  Perfect location and the house was just the right size.  We will be back”  Selmon
“A delightful place to stay – we will be back!  Loved our island cottage and proximity to the beach.  Such a comfortable home for the week.  We liked all the birds”  Ko and Peg
“What an amazing vacation!  Perfect location!  Amazing place to stay.  We will be back!  Don’t miss the Donut Experiment….worth every single calorie!”  The Springers

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