Posted on 10/31/2019 by Darcie

Mullet Smoke Off!

Are you ready for some of the best fish treats of the area? Don't miss this year's Terra Ceia Island Mullet Smoke Off and head to Seabreeze Park, 55 Horseshoe Loop Road, 34250 this Saturday, November 2, 2019. Hundreds of other folks will too! From 11 am to 6 pm you can enjoy smoked mullet, music, drinks, local art and incredible Terra Ceia Bay views from the community dock. In addition, the now World-Famous Mullet Toss will be on again! Terra Ceia Island has the same old Florida vibe as Anna Maria Island and is home to this local festival and community gathering held in the community Seabreeze Park right on the Bay. Volunteers gather about a week in advance and start fishing for mullet to smoke for mullet cakes and mullet spread. Deviled eggs with a dollop of mullet spread and some hot sauce on top â€" mmmmmmm. The ones smoked for the mullet dinners that you can enjoy at the event were caught the days before and smoked all night in special made, giant casing from when the Skyway Bridge was built. Ask to see her â€" she's Big Bertha and is something to be seen! Local fishermen and women gather the night before to party and to smoke their fish to win the bragging rights for Best Smoked Mullet in Florida (they say Manatee County â€" but that just means Florida). But the most popular event of the day is always the mullet toss. Hundreds of people gather around the mullet-tossing area where you pay around $5 for three chances to toss a dead mullet into a barrel for some points, wheel barrow for more points and TOILET for most points. It's a hoot! You better start practicing now!!! See you there! If you are looking for another fun event this weekend check out "The Sandblast", a sand sculpting contest, that takes place on the Manatee Public Beach.

More events are found on our calendar or call Team Duncan for all other island information. You can also send us a quick message.

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