Posted on 4/6/2015 by Darcie

Heading up the Manatee Chamber Membership Drive!

We are so proud of our owner, Darcie Duncan. She is on the executive board of the Manatee Chamber of Commerce....what an honor and accomplishment. One of her "things to do" this year is spearhead the Chamber's Membership Drive. This year is a fishing theme and it is called "Reel Estate" Fishing Tournament! Isn't that a cute name! We have four captains and 36 Anglers working to recruit new members to the Manatee Chamber. The goal is to get 120 new members. We have a great group helping us out, so 120 should be nothing! Who can be "reeled" in as a member you ask? ANY business in Manatee County that would like to take advantage of the 100+ benefits the Manatee Chamber offers to members. Really, any business in the surrounding area can be a member! Everyone here at Team Duncan is working on recruiting new members to the Manatee Chamber! If you know of a business that could benefit from being a member and/or if you would like to become a member of the Manatee Chamber, please let us know! For more information on the Manatee Chamber, please visit Membership Campaign 2015
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