Bean Point Beach

Bean Point Beach on Anna Maria Island is a local hot spot. Kind of a secret. There is no parking lot to park your car, there are no directions to the beach. There are also no amenities or life guards. BUT it is the most beautiful secret undisturbed beach you will ever see.

You have to find it to get there, you also have to find a place along the local streets to park your car. But be aware, that if there are signs that say no parking, do not park there. Finding it is half of the fun, isn’t it? First, head north of the City Pier in Anna Maria on North Bay Blvd. The most popular entrance to Bean Point is located at a small crossroads. You’ll spot a little tree lined path which divides the properties at the intersection of North Bay Blvd and North Shore Dr.

This beach is a find! You can just walk for what seems like forever, and because it is so pristine, there is an abundance of wildlife to be seen. You can see dolphins and manatees, native birds from egrets, herons, pelicans. Find plenty of shells and sand dollars. Find big beautiful star fish. The list goes on and on.

This is the spot where Tampa Bay opens up to the Gulf of Mexico. And it still is a hidden gem for many.

Whether it’s a day at the beach you’re looking for, or a relaxing sunset view, Bean Point is the perfect spot for both of these activities. You won’t be disappointed.

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